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Tofteberg plays guitar-based rock that is easy to get carried away with. The combination of cool sounds, a steady beat and a unique vocal, makes this a powerhouse that will engage the audience from the first touch of the guitar.

Tofteberg started as Krister Tofteberg's solo project in 2019, but through pandemics, ups and downs, and now last, but not least, with a new line-up, it has developed into a full-fledged rock band now more than ever.


In autumn 2023, Krister presented a brand new Tofteberg to the world, with Bjarte Moe (Bellatoxic) on drums, Oddbjørn Ueland (Groundstate) on bass and Vegard Pettersen (Samana Rising) on lead guitar. Together with Krister, this gang forms a rock locomotive that will blow you off the track. Although the guys have only been playing together for a short time, they have a unique chemistry, energy and confidence, which is just waiting to be unleashed on stage. All of them have their unique character which together gives a taste of something new, exciting and at the same time well-known and delicious.

Tofteberg released his debut album "Line up behind me" in 2020 to rave reviews, and has also released three singles. In 2024. The first single recorded by the new line-up, is allready out, and more releases are planned during the year, so stay tuned!

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